English Final Paper

English Final PaperFor your final paper of the semester I would like you to practice the art of what the scholar Bruce Ballenger calls ?autobiographical criticism.? The following description comes from his book The Curious Writer:?Personal and sometimes fairly open-ended responses to literary works [?] are sometimes encouraged by English instructors. This type of personal criticism makes the critic?s emotional relationship to the texts explicit, but seeks to illuminate both the writer and the text.?Using all the rhetorical and critical skills at your disposal, please find one theme that unites the following texts and explain how that theme is relevant to your own intellectual life.Chose one text from the Journeys and Self and Other units:The Epic of GilgameshFreud, Civilization and Its DiscontentsKafka, ?Letter to His Father?Satrapi, PersepolisAnd one philosophy text from the Community unit:Plato, Euthyphro or CritoAnd one poetic text from the Community unit:Coleridge, ?The Rime of the Ancyent Mariner?Wordsworth, ?Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey?And one text from the Ways of Knowing (Faith) unit:Genesis in Holy BibleLaozi, The DaodejingIt?s important to demonstrate intense intellectual engagement with the ideas and concepts you encounter. Describe how the four texts relate to each other and to you personally. Write 8-12 full, double-spaced pages (1? margins) and use correct MLA-style citations. You may build upon the ideas you?ve written in previous essays for this class.

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