ENTREPRENEURIAL PROCESS INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENTFor the individual assignment, students will provide 1 page of images (a single image or multiple images) AND a maximum of 1,800 words (captions, text, etc) that demonstrate the entrepreneurial mind-set in action in Vietnam today.Students are encouraged to be creative in the format and content of their submission while still clearly demonstrating their understanding of the entrepreneurial mind-set as discussed in the course. Note, that while images from the Internet are acceptable, originality of the images and text will be factored into the marking. As such, students are encouraged to create their own images (photos, sketches, video etc) over just using images from online searches. Students are NOT allowed to feature large established companies such as Highland Coffee, Trung Nguyen or Pho24. Your task is to find and talk about a company that has not yet made it big but is innovative and you think stands out in the marketplace. Explain clearly and convincingly why you think this company/product succeeds in doing what is does so well and why you think they should grow further. The assignment should include sections on: 1. Background: The background of the business or idea. When and where did it start? Any data such as sales figures and profitability (if available) can be included in this section. How many stores or locations do they have and where? 2. Description: What is the idea/service/niche? How did you discover this company/service? Have you used the service? Why is what they do better or perhaps that is even unique when compared to the competition? Which theories that you have learned in class, can you apply to this business? 3. Profile: A profile of the entrepreneur behind the idea. How or why did they get the idea? If your chosen company has not been covered in the press, then you should attempt to contact the founder/owner to obtain the information you need. With reference to the text book, what characteristics does your chosen entrepreneur have? 4. Lessons learned- what can you learn from this entrepreneur and their business venture? 5. References- At the end of your report, include a complete reference list of sources cited within your report. Images should include appropriate references as outlined in the RMIT Guide to Referencing.All students must submit to Turnitin. All soft copies must be submitted as either a Microsoft Word document or PDF. If you submit a PDF, you MUST set up the document to allow for comments to be inserted. A hard copy MUST also be submitted to your lecturer.The deadline for submission through Turnitin is 6:00pm Friday, July 25th.Late submissions will receive a deduction of 5 marks per day. No submission will be accepted more than 7 days late. This task is marked out of a maximum of 45 marks. This is an individual assessment. Therefore, student submissions must be the original product of each individual student. Students violating this may be charged with plagiarism/cheating.:

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