Environment, Crime, and Disease in Thailand

Paper instructions: Download and carefully review the Grading Rubricbefore you begin your research paper. Using the following resources, and at least two ofyour own from your research give an overview ofenvironment, crime, and disease in your assignedcountry. Water of Life in Peril Population and Sustainability Global Warming and Climate Change VideoNational Geographic The World Bank LexisNexis Academic is one of the academicdatabases available through the Franklin UniversityNationwide Library. BBC Global Crime Report World Health Organization Human Trafficking Cyber crime United Nations Department of Economic and SocialAffairs Division for Sustainable Development. Read this article about Today?s Hidden Slave Trade. Watch the Tanzania Video. to find out how globalwarming and deforestation are melting the vast snowfields of Mount Kilimanjaro, once admired by ErnestHemingway. Now, select one or two of the issues you have readabout and the impact they have had or are having onthe economy and development of your assignedcountry. Address these issues in a report to anindividual/agency within your assigned country whomay be able to address some of the problems you haveidentified. Finally, write a conclusion for this report for theagency or individual to consider regarding implicationsfor continued globalization.

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