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Environmental Risk Perception Paper The following paper will base on my chosen articles on our climate. I will provide a summary of each article. I will also compare and contrast the risk perceptions that are presented in each article I will identify any environmental stressors that are related to the environmental risk. It will be concluded with a discussion of my own risk perception of the issue. By the end of the paper you will be familiar with different affects that the environment has on us and risks that we take every day just breathing. EnvironmentalEnvironmental Risk Perception Paper Psy 460 Risk Factors Climate Change Climate change is it dangerous? This is a question many have been asking for years. As we know global warming has become a major concern for our environment for the past few years and it seems that is getting worse. In America the study of climate change have become very high risk for at least some reasons. We may not know this but these reason being that the United States plays a big role in the world?s population stated by the (U.S. Census Bureau 2005) it is said that we use the most intake of carbon dioxide as we know this is considered to be the heat-trapping gas alone accounting for nearly a certain amount of the globe . Humans breath a certain amount of tons of carbon each year. (Marland et al. 2003). We have also reason to believe that in Washington D.C. the President and Congress have been fighting against each other with much of the world regarding the reality of all these of all the testing seriousness and as to how all of these climate change have come about within these years. During studies public risk has been very high there is a fear that in the future global climate change on human health may cause serious illnesses even deaths for example skin cancer; this climate change will indeed change the way people live which would mean our drinking water would lessen this will cause serious disease; possibility of losing human nature and this will cause to world to be affected drastically. Article Two Climate Change The second article is about another issue that is causing our climate to change that can be of higher risk that would be the ozone layer. Our ozone layer seems to be dimensioning it?s been said that pollution gases. Scientist have found evidence that increased pollutants in the air this study shows this comes from cars factories and these are some examples. Some of the sicknesses that occur because of this and our ozone layer not being protected could be bronchial asthma as we know this is a syndrome which can cause shortness of breath and make it difficult for one to breath the air pollutants on health have been the focus of attention on this factor. During the years they have conducted many experimental studies these studies have shown that even the gas from diesel exhaust have been causing the upper respiratory disease and is able to control the immune system response by increasing bad side effects with animals and humans. There have been studies and during these studies that have been done they have found evidence that air pollutants can work with in the atmosphere or on human airways this is a very strong effect on the human body. In fact if the airways start the inflammation some pollutants start to overcome the chest making it hard to breath which would lead to allergen-induced responses. But air pollution and with the changes in the climate would cause a human to have an effect this would be an allergic response by influencing the percentage rate of the pollen production by allergenic plants. Even though this has been proven many individuals in 2009 still didn?t believe that climate change was the cause of all these illnesses and still did not believe all the facts such as global warming when carbon dioxide is released in the air which is the combustion of fossil fuels. Environmental Stressors The environmental stressor of climate change have two primary components of this would include (1) temperature elevation with concomitant weather instability and extremes and (2) rising sea-level. These changes may result in the increase of heat waves starting and damaging air pollution soil moisture would become less higher weather events for example tornados and hurricans and coastal inundation (IPCC 1992). More people will have health effects this can include heat related strokes; (2) infectious diseases this means being beaten by an insect; (3) people will become ill because if food shortage; and (4) because of weather disasters there will be no where for people to live so people will live in streets and public places and this will cause sicknesses to rise because of unhealthy conditions. It seems that the ozone layer is depleting and this is causing many health issues to humans. The direct health impacts from ozone depletion which leads to increased UV radiation include cancer asthma many health hazards. Conclusion In conclusion I must say my own perception on environmental risk perception to climate change is very dangerous. It makes me think that some day we will not be able to walk out of the house because the sun would have no protection since everything in the air is not healthy it just keeps eating at it. During my own studies and years of watching the news I have even heard that hairspray is killing our ozone layer. Living in New York City I believe that our pollution plays a big part in the air quality especially with warm weather the pollution is so bad you cannot even breath when its 90 degrees outside. What I have learned during this study is that nothing will keep us safe I know people recycle and everyone is trying to go green but will this save the earth for real I don?t think so we will be walking with masks one day just breath clean fresh air. References: Anthony A. Leiserowitz Risk Analysis Vol. 25 No. 6 2005 Risk Analysis: An International Journal December 1 2005 Risk Analysis: An Official Publication Of The Society For Risk Analysis Date: October 1 2010 Travis William Reynolds Ann Bostrom Daniel Read and M. Granger Morgan3 Risk Analysis Vol. 30 No. 10 2010 U.S. Census Bureau 2005 Citations: Emerging Health Threats Journal 2011. # 2011 Rodney R. Dietert”

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