environmental science

environmental scienceOrder DescriptionUsing the book- State of the World 2014 Governing for Sustainability-Washington/Covelo/London-Island PressQuestion 1(275 words) In chapter 3, the essay makes the point(page 34) that ?sustainable human communities have existed for some 2 million years? Do you think there was something fundamentally different about these societies compared to our modern society? Or did they simply lack the technology and population size to profoundly impact their environment?Question 2 (275 words) In Chapter 6, two basic approaches to managing climate impacts are Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ed- Geoengineering (large scale technical solutions) and an ?ethics first? approach, seeking to make broad changes in the way we as a society view our place in the natural world. Which approach do you see as preferable? Which approach do you see as more likely to work?

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