Equity and Trust

Equity and TrustSubject:LawJeremy has recently died and left the following provisions to his trustees in his will:a) ?500,000 to be used to erect and maintain a prominent monument to me. I think that it is important that people are remembered after they die, and once my monument has been built no-one will ever forger me.b) ?50,000 to be used to look after my beloved gerbils Ping and Pongc) ?27,000 to be used to pay the university fees of my darling niece Danielle,d) ? 1 million to be used to promote peace and love throughout the universe, and to help people learn how to be nice to each other.e) ?20,000 to my cherished local amateur historical society to help them in their purposesf) a further ?300,000 to the historical society so that they can have an annual dinner in my honour and build a new extension to their clubhouse and name it the ?Jeremy building?.During his lifetime Jerem was quite heavily involved with his local amateur historical society. He was, however, not popular with the other members. They are happy to take Jeremy?s money but they want to know if they will be obligated to have the annual dinner and/or build the new building.Jeremy?s niece Danielle has now decided not to go to university after all. She wants to know if she can have money anyway.!

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