Ethical AnalysisPaper instruct

Ethical AnalysisPaper instructions:? Attached Files:o Ethical Analysis Paper Grading Rubric (39.5 KB)Starting on Monday of Module/Week 2, begin making notes of the following:2. Specific situations at your job in which decision-making was or was not based on ethical principles3. Your participation in or response to the situation4. Whether or not you think the situation was handled correctly5. Suggestions for how the situation could be better addressed in the futureKeep track of the days, times, and circumstances surrounding the situations in question. Continue to record this information until Friday of Module/Week 2.At the end of the week, use your journal notes to write a 5?6 page Ethical Analysis Paper. Include anecdotal information and critical analyses of the situations. In order to respect the privacy of others, refrain from including names or other identifying information. Format the paper in correct and current APA style. Review the Ethical Analysis Paper Grading Rubric in order to improve the quality of your paper. Need an abstract as well.Assignment is due Sunday July 6,2014 at 2:00p.m.My profession is an educator I teach at a high school.ETHICAL ANALYSIS PAPER GRADING RUBRICCriteria Description Points Possible PointsEarned Instructor?s CommentsMechanics Paper is free of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, APA, and word choice. 32Writing Style Strong writing style with clear ability to express thoughts and point of view; clear incisive descriptions of situations, vividly revealing the dynamics of the situation; excellent and appropriate use of adjectives, metaphors, anecdotes, and examples; sensitive, perceptive, and precise word choice. 32Insights Provides definite insights into issues and implications of events for self, students, and coworkers; careful analysis of the situation demonstrates an increased awareness of complexity of the situation. 32Personal Reflection Discusses ways in which the situation could have been addressed more effectively and provides an insightful plan for handling similar situations in the future. 32Leadership Development Synthesizes the experiences into a plan for personal growth with future goals and/or a plan of action for the future. 32Total 160Student:!

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