Ethical Disaster of the Hyatt Regency Collapse

Eric Sandler Ethical Disaster of the Hyatt Regency Collapse Construction on the Hyat Regency Crown Center began in and the hotel opened on July after construction delays including an incident on October when square feet of the atrium roof collapsed because one of the roof connections on the north end of the atrium The collapse was the second major structural failure in Kansas City in a little more than two On June the roof of the Kempar Arena in Kansas City had collapsed without loss of The architects and engineering firms at the two collapses were One of the defining features of the hotel was its which featured a multistory atrium crossed by suspended concrete walkways on the third and fourth with the fourth level walkway directly above the second level On July approximately people had gathered in the atrium to participate in and watch a dance Dozens stood on the At the walkways on the third and fourth floor were packed with visitors as they watched over the active which was also full of The fourth floor bridge was suspended directly over the second floor with the third floor walkway set off to the side several meters away from

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