Ethical production

Ethical production1. Oral presentation (20%)The TopicBased on the Business Report you will be writing, present on one company whose products are ethically produced. Your presentation should include some analysis of whether the company?s decision to be more ethical is proving to be a success amongst consumers or not, providing examples of why that is the case. Please do not just provide a descriptive account of the ethical product.The Assignment TaskOral Presentations will be of 10 minutes duration, within which the student should allow adequate time for a few questions.The presentation must be developed and delivered using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students must ensure that their presentation has been saved on their memory stick.Students must print off at least one copy of their slides as a hand-out for their lecturer.AssessmentThe presentations will be assessed by the lecturer during weeks 8 and 9 of the semester, with an academic colleague as moderator. Marks will be agreed between the lecturer and the moderator and following paper feedback,a debrief will be offered to groups of students in tutor groups; and as required each student one-to-one.The assessment criteria will be discussed with the classes in detail but are based upon:? Delivery including verbal and non-verbal communication? Content including interest of the topic and use of visual aids? Time Management2. Written Report (60%)Content, style, relevance, originality Each assessment has detailed criteria which are discussed in the context of the classes in preparation for submissionIncluded here are the specific criteria for the Business Report assignmentUse of a variety of sources including both academic and news sourcesAnalysis and critical evaluation of source materialsReporting findings and analysis of primary research 50%Format, referencing, bibliography Harvard 10 %Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion Demonstration of a clear understanding of the issues. Executive summary. Evidence-based conclusions 40%Report question: Study Skills Module June 2014On April 24 2013, a building known as the ?Rana Plaza collapsed on top of garment workers inside its factories, killing more than 1,100 people and injuring 2,500. It would be known as the worst accident in the garment industry anywhere. It was later discovered that 28 brands that sourced clothes from the plaza included Primark, Bennetton, Mango, Matalan and Bonmache, prompting public concern about the working conditions of garment factories around the world which contribute to western high street fashion stores.Ethical consumerism encourages people to think about how the products they buy are sourced and produced which are not harmful to the environment and society. This can be evidenced through simply purchasing eggs that are free-range or boycotting goods/companies which promote child labour or unsavoury working conditions.There are a range of product areas which fall into the ethicalcategory which includes:? Banking? Cleaning? Cosmetics & Toiletries? Dairy? Energy? Finance? Fashion? Food? Insurance? Soft Drinks? Tea industry? TravelEthical consumerism is a growing market; a recent report from the Co-operative Bank showed a third of UK consumers claiming to be concerned about ethical consumption, with a large number of the public willing to challenge and boycott companies who do not comply with ethical standards.Write an analytical business report on what ethical consumerism means for businesses. Choose one company evidencing how they operate ethically. This must take into account the ethics and values of the company you choose to focus on.In your report (which must be written in business report format), you need to cover the following topics:? An executive summary which gives a brief overview of the argument in your report including key findings and conclusions? A brief overview analysis of ethical consumerism, identifying the examples of some of the products which fall into the ethical category,? A detailed review of one company claiming to operate ethically. Discuss the approach(es) they have used to become a more socially conscious business, linking this with the ethics and values of the company that you have identified.? A short opinion survey on what influences consumer buying behaviour, carried out by you from a sample of students at GSM London? A conclusion which includes critical evaluation of ethical consumerism based on the evidence that you have gathered both from your primary and secondary research, focusing onone company you have chosen for detailed reviewSupporting material will be posted on Blackboard, but you will be expected to undertake research using newspaper/magazine/web articles, journals and text books.Word Limit ? Not more than 2000 +/- 10%3. Final Reflection and PDP (20%)Final Reflection and PDPStudents are required to complete a PDP template as provided (this will be available via the Student Portal) to support them in writing a structured reflection and a PDP that will take them through the next 4 semesters of their undergraduate studies.Background:Reflection is one of the ways in which it is possible to extract value from learning experiences. Reflection does not come naturally to many undergraduate students and is not commonly taught in earlier training and educational experiences. This exercise is in place to encourage reflection early in undergraduate studies.The development of self-awareness and the ability to plan for improvement in one?s own performance or Personal Development Planning (PDP) is an important skill to assist students in improving their employability. At the end of this module students will be challenged to put in place a PDP which will take them through to the development of their final semester project.Task:Complete the Final Reflection/PDP Template provided in about 1,000 words; and ensure that you include the following:? A Final Self Assessment Questionnaire, completed in consideration of the Initial Self Assessment Questionnaire and Plan you undertook in week 1.? A reflection on your development and performance during the semester, answering the question: what have you learned about your own performance during the semester (please note the programme or module learning objectives contained in handbooks should be used as objective measures of performance)?? An analysis of the current situation that you face identifying behaviours which require change, answering the questions:o What do I need to change in order to raise the standard of my performance?o Why are these behaviours happening, and why are they impacting upon my performance?? A PDP based upon your current performance level and the developmental changes that you will make during the next 4 semesters of your course, answering the question: how will I change the behaviours that are impacting upon my performance?Students should make use of the format provided below (editable electronic format is available from the Student Portal for this assessment.Assessment criteria Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria Maximum marks for each sectionContent, style, relevance, originality The style should be highly structured and demonstrate a strong personal engagement with development 5Format, referencing, bibliography This should be a structured analytical report with full supporting references where required in Harvard Referencing System 2Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion This report needs to demonstrate clear analytical thinking with respect to personal development and change processes.. 3!

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