Ethical v. unethical hacking

Ethical v. unethical hacking Identify a topic within computer ethics that really interests you and hopefully is directly relevant to your own current or intended field. You should develop and submit for approval a plan which includes the following basic information: A topic; A working title; A position or thesis on the topic (maintaining that certain practices are right, wrong or morally neutral either always or under specified conditions); a roadmap outlining what you will attempt to do in your paper. ( example: 1.1.?1.2??1.3??2.1?2.2??2.3?..) #please send me a plan first before you start the paper to get prove Topics of previous papers have included: ( these example to give you sight a bout topics)-The opportunities and pitfalls of cloud computing-Computer security*-Open source v. proprietary software* -Ethical v. unethical hacking*But you may pick any topic so long as it relates to IT and it is ethically significant. The most valuable topics often involve an assessment of best practice in the specific field of IT in which the student works. Submit your proposal using the project approval ..i?d like to do Ethical v. unethical hacking* what do you think? :

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