ethically managing and leading individuals

ethically managing and leading individualsLeaders are responsible for recognizing diversity in global business and organizations, and leading ethically and in a socially appropriate manner. The case study will cover ethically managing and leading individuals with diverse sociocultural identities, including individuals with multiple sociocultural identities. Your Case Study: Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital: The Candidate, Harvey and Allard textbook pages 247 ? 248 as well as pages 251 ? 262. In your paper please provide a response to the following questions: 1. Research and summarize the situation 2. Consider the ethical responsibilities of the HR Director in making a hiring decision 3. Briefly describe the deontological, teleological and caring ethical theories detailed in the section pages 251 ? 262 4. What would be the most ethical or right decision according to each of the three theories? 5. What would you do as an HR Director? 6. Which theory would you follow and why?:

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