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Officials for the Federal wildlife are in charge of protecting a species known as the northern spotted owl. In 2012, they released a statement that interprets alternatives for killing another owl species known as barred owls. These owls are larger, more aggressive, and more adaptive than the spotted owl, which has displaced them out of their home land of Oregon, Washington, and California. There are several alternatives to this issue, which deal with removing the barred owls over a period of time and the costs of this endeavor. For 90 days, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service answered concerns about this issue. Officials acknowledge the ethical dilemma of killing one species to benefit another. (Mortenson, 2012) On the other hand, throughout the experiments of the removal of the barred owls, the officials have noticed a change in the territories of the spotted owls. The territories have returned to almost normal since the move. Through all this, the wildlife service is releasing the designation of land for the spotted owl, which will be considered a critical habitat for them. Many attributes are required for this move. These include, but are not limited to the

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