Euthanasia continues to be an extremely controv

Euthanasia continues to be an extremely controversial issue in society, and there are many opposing viewpoints concerning this specific subject. The case of Sue Rodriguez versus the province of British Columbia, is one that demonstrates the high degree of debate over such a sensitive topic, as euthanasia. The following is an analytical examination of the case at hand, and a critical comparison of it, to the theories of Patrick Nowell-Smith. When relating the theories of Patrick Nowell -Smith to the case of Sue Rodriguez, it is evident that he would not agree with the judges final decision. Firstly, it is necessary to discuss some of the relevant and significant points of the case. Sue Rodriguez is a mother in her forties, suffering from Lou Gehrigs disease. Her life expectancy is several months, however her condition is deteriorating quickly. Soon, she will no longer be able to swallow, speak, walk or move, and she will require a respirator in order to breath. She will be bedridden. Sue Rodriguez is aware of her situation and knows that death is inevitable, however, she wishes to control her circumstances, and her time and manner of death. By the time Sue is no longer able to enjoy life, she will be physically unable to terminate her life with out assistance. Sue is not requesting that her death be caused by active euthanasia, which would be by means of a doctor physically ending her life with some form of injection. She is asking that a qualified medical physician set up a certain technological system that would allow her, if she chose to, end her life with her own hand. This is passive euthanasia, as it allows the victim herself to control the time and manner of her own death. The Criminal Code includes a section regarding the idea of suicide that the judge lays before her in an attempt to defy her wishes. Section 241 states that Every one who counsels a person to commit suicide or aids or abets someone to …

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