Euthanasia is the solution to one’s pain and ago

Euthanasia is the solution to one’s pain and agony that couldn’t be achieved by prolonging the life of a person through modern medicine. This merciful act is unselfish and is done willfully and not forsaking the gift of life that was given to them. Euthanasia, active or passive should not be confused with the act of suicide. Suicide is used as a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Euthanasia is a choice that someone would have to make on their own because they have God given free will. The main argument I have for passive euthanasia is that people have watched one of their family members grow old and become extremely ill. However, I feel that isn’t right for every person who is looking for a way to stop the pain. This act should be a last resort. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. The choice that I make may change after I find myself in a great deal of pain or dying of an illness that will turn me into a vegetable. The major decision that might have to be made is the belief in religion. The stress and worry on the family is extremely high. They know that there is no hope left for the ill member but there is nothing that they can do. I know how these people feel because I have witnessed this process of deterioration with someone in my family. The worst feeling that humans have is pain. For instance, when pain gets to a certain extent that we can’t live free, than the act of euthanasia should, and probably in the near future, be a choice that we all have. That’s why laws allow passive euthanasia. This form of euthanasia has been used in times when it is evident that the patient’s quality of life has no way of improvement. A person is not always in a vegetable state, which would be a non-voluntary. “Passive euthanasia is the withdrawal of extraordinary life-prolonging techniques, such as intravenous feeding and resuscitation, or not initiating such treatment, when the situation is hopeless”(The Humanis…

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