EVERY DAY LIFE IN THE HOLOCAUST Many people from different countries where held as prisoners in concentration and death camps. The main victims of these camps were the Jews. They were discriminated because of their religion and there way of life. The number one reason why concentration and death camps ever existed was because of hate. The three main obstacles the Jews had to face in the holocaust were starvation, famine, and torture. The word holocaust meant an offering to God that was entirely consumed by fire.(Rogasky 6) Once World War II was over the definition changed to any large area or great number of people destroyed by fire.(Rogasky 6) The holocaust was a movement. In this movement the Jewish community was to be sent to concentration camps which from the Nazis definition was a prison camp where dangerous people were sent.(Rogasky 7) Once the concentration camps where full the Jews were deported to death camps, who basic purpose was to kill Jews.(Rogasky 7) Every thing that was going on during the holocaust was under the supervision of the ss or protection squad.(Rogasky 8) Poland was chosen as the location for the extermination camps because of her isolation form the rest of Europe, and primarily because she contained the largest number of Jews.(Rogasky 8) the Nazi definition of a Jew was anyone with three or more Jewish grandparents, if he belonged to the Jewish community as of September 1, 1939 or had entered it since that date, or was married to a Jew.(Rogasky 6) Nazi policy toward the Jews was based on the racist philosophy expressed by Adolf Hitler in his infamous book, Mein Kampf.(Hayes 30) According to Hitler the Aryan race of which the Germans were the natural leaders represented the superior race, biologically predestined to rule the world.(Hayes 30)the Jews according to this were an inferior race with no culture of their own.(Hayes 30) Jews were forbidden to be doctors, lawyers, sell to Christians, …

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