evil behaviorusehttp://search.

evil behaviorusehttp://search.proquest.com/criminaljusticeperiodicals/docview/207639160/citation/1F3214AE86F14B2BPQ/1?accountid=33337Is evil behavior normal? What constitutes cruel and unusual punishment? Would one act differently if he/she went from the role of prisoner to that of correctional officer? What causes one to adopt brutal behaviors in order to maintain order and balance?Go the database ?Criminal Justice Periodicals Index? in the CSU Online Library, and search for the following article by Bruce Gross (2008) on prison violence:Gross, B. (2008). Prison violence: Does brutality come with the badge? Forensic Examiner, 17(4), 21-27. Retrieved from ProQuest Criminal Justice database. (Document ID: 1603605261).Read the article, and write a two-page summary of the article explaining violence, punishment, and evil behaviors in relation to the theories covered in this unit.Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) the article using the scientific theories covered in this unit. Please integrate your personal opinion on this topic as well.

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