Executive Summary for Network Design Project

Running THE STAR TOPOLOGY The Star Topology Jon Jensen Cliff Krahenbill Executive Summary Link Systems was founded in 2005 as an Internet based self help center for people that are starting their own We have a proven track record of business start up We have helped several hundred businesses get moving in the right We are focused on improving the position of small helping them to reach the success that they are working on for their Link Systems is in business to help your business Our products are a series of motivational that are organized to help you start and run a successful Our customer base includes people that have worked for someone else for at least 10 These people finally know exactly what it is they want out of their They have worked for others and are now ready to be the one in Our specific niche of people has come to realized that business ownership is what they want and they are ready and willing to take the steps to get This is due to the fact that they have been working for someone else for a while and are frustrated that they are not really moving ahead

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