Expository Narrative on James Moore’s Essay

COVER An Expository Narrative on James Seminal is Computer LP 2 and Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy at Dartmouth James Moor wrote an essay on the relationship between computers and called is Computer in This essay became the harbinger of the concept of ethics in In this essay Moor states that computer ethics Identification of policy clarification of conceptual formulation of policies for the use of computer and ethical justification of such A typical problem in computer ethics arises because there is a policy vacuum about how computer technology should be Computers provide us with new capabilities and these in turn give us new choices for either no policies for conduct in these situations exist or existing policies seem A central task of computer ethics is to determine what we should do in such that formulate policies to guide our actions One difficulty is that along with a policy vacuum there is often a conceptual Although a problem in computer ethics may seem clear a little reflection reveals a conceptual What is needed in such cases is an analysis that provides a coherent conceptual framework within which to formulate a policy for Even though today computer ethics is no

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