External Analysis of It Consulting Industry

Industry Introduction and History SAIC is a significant player in Information Technology The IT industry is involved with the use of electronic computers and computer software to and securely retrieve Since the introduction of PCs in this industry has experienced rapid growth and The need for the Information Technology industry came with the introduction of the PC in 1980 and the explosion of its growth in the In the Eastern Middle Latin and Rest of Asia regions were small enough to be grouped as Rest of As we approached these regions have drastically increased their share of the world IT Asia and Latin America grew and from 1995 to The Middle East and Eastern Europe grew and for the same time the growth forecast for our industry is expected to be throughout 2008 with a slight decrease to about from 2009 until 2012 the Information Technology industry includes over companies generating over billion in annual revenue These IT companies mainly provide data technology and systems integration to business IT consulting firms help clients use and communications systems more efficiently than they could on their These companies also frequently recommend software and hardware systems to their customers that they believe would

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