Factors That Led to the Scientific Revolution

There are three factors which led to the scientific mathematics and the During the Europeans were fascinated with technological The and weapons experts of the Renaissance were important pioneers of a new reliance on measurement and observation that affected many including how problems in physics were Interest in experimentation was also growing among during the sixteenth and seventeenth many new instruments were invented which helped make scientific discovery the the the vacuum the and the These made new scientific discoveries The printing press had an indirect but crucial role in spreading innovative ideas quickly and Mathematics developed as a response to the demands of the which grew up in the late sixteenth It was fundamental to the scientific achievements of the sixteenth and seventeenth was promoted in the Renaissance by the rediscovery of the works of ancient mathematicians and the influence of who had emphasized by the importance of mathematics in explaining the While mathematics was applauded as the key to military science and geography the Renaissance also held the widespread belief that mathematics was the key to understanding the nature of few mathematical advances had effects as immediate as the study of As the importance of observation of the

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