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Paper instructions:This the instructor?s instructions(Please, read carefully)Major Paper #4?Explaining a Concept Research PaperIn the Explaining a Concept Paper, you will simply want to explain a concept of your choice, using research to support your explanations/definitions. This paper should be at least 4 pages long (1000 words), it should include at least two sources, and it should accomplish the following:*Inform your particular audience about a specific subject.*Present information confidently and efficiently.*Use established information for support, as well as personal evidence (if applicable) such as short anecdotes and examples from your own experience, or the experience of others.*Maintain an informative tone (not an argumentative tone, as this is not an argumentative or persuasive paper).Looking ahead, Unit 12 will discuss strategies to consider in terms of your approach to this paper, and Unit 13 will explain the basic structure of papers such as this. Unit 14 is designed to give you time to revise.:

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