Federal Reserve system

Federal Reserve systemPaper instructions:Your boss will discuss the Federal Reserve system with a number offoreign officials to convince them of the stability of the U.S. bankingsystem. These officials are very interested in doing business in theUnited States, but they would like to learn more about the FederalReserve and how it operates as compared to the official?s homecountry. (Pick officials home country)Write a 750 to 1,500 world briefing paper for your boss.Incorporate any feedback from peer review discussion.Address the following questions in your paper in anticipation of what theforeign investors will need to hear:? What are the factors that would influence the Federal Reserve inadjusting the discount rate?? How does the discount rate affect the decisions of banks in settingtheir specific interest rates?? How does monetary policy aim to avoid inflation?? How does monetary policy control the money supply?? How does a stimulus program (through the money multiplier) affectthe money supply?? Currently, what indicators are evident that there is too much or toolittle money within the economy? How is monetary policy aiming toadjust this?? What are some major differences between the Federal ReserveSystem and the monetary system in the officials? home country?!

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