Fertility Drugs In todays modern society, yo

Fertility Drugs In todays modern society, your average family is very expensive. Now add oh, say, six more kids to that expense. Without corporate sponsorships, public aid, and donations, maintaining a livelihood with this size brood would be nearly impossible. So why do couples pay out thousands of dollars to fertility drug companies in the hopes of becoming mired in this sort of situation? The draw of having one perfect child is overwhelming to couples who are unable to produce any naturally. Fertility drugs make this impossible dream come true for some people. A tiny sliver of the people who subject themselves to all the poking, prodding, and injecting of fertility drugs actually find themselves pregnant. Couples who have the desire (and the cash) to become pregnant can choose from an ever-widening variety of pills, shots, and procedures. Costs for these are astronomical, because this area of medicine is still unregulated by the federal government. Even with the elimination of the ethical aspects of this topic it is a sensitive debate, filled with emotional issues. Can a doctor be responsible for the miserable existence of a 10oz. baby? Is there a way to stop the fertilization of multiple eggs at once? How can a mother decide which ones to eliminate so the others can have more breathing room? Since the federal government cant aid research with tax paying dollars because of the right to life issue, many companies are making a great deal of money off the misfortune of others. Fertility drugs and drug research are a $2 billion a year industry. (Newsweek) A couple that finds themselves unable to have a baby could be extremely lucky and become pregnant with the first cycle of fertility drugs; keeping medical costs under a couple of thousand dollars, none of which is usually paid for by insurance companies. If they find themselves with the unlucky many, costs can skyrocket to up…

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