feudal systemSECTION 1(Answer

feudal systemSECTION 1(Answer ONLY 1 of the 4 questions in Section 1)1. Describe the feudal system and the workings of a manor and village within a feudal territory.2. Describe the events that caused such similaritites and differences between Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Judaism and Islam at the times of the origination of Catholicism that seem to forever force those 4 religions that all arose in the areas of the cradles of civilization to be entwined, but never reconciled.3. Describe all of the Crusades and the faults as well as benefits of any/all of the Crusades.4. How does the reign of Justinian represent the greatest and worse moments in the history of the Byzantine Empire?SECTION 2(Answer ONLY 1 of the 4 questions in Section 2)1. Describe the rise, purpose, structure and meaning of the university system in Europe in the Middle Ages and the university?s difference from any other school of learning.2. Why did economic capitalism arise from urban centers?3. How do knights and castles fit into the major concepts that represent the Middle Ages?4. Explain how an illiterate, young, peasant girl, Joan of Arc, could persuade the experienced armies of France to follow her into battle and to victory against battle hardened English armies during the Hundred Years War and how she inspired such hatred while doing so that the French and English believed that her actions merited her government sanctioned death?SECTION 3(Answer ONLY 1 of the 4 questions in Section 3)1. Why does Virgil lead Dante through HELL and PURGATORY and Beatrice lead Dante to HEAVEN in Dante?s Divine Comedy?2. What are the striking differences in the philosophical thought of Sir Thomas More as expressed in his Utopia (early 1500s) and that of Niccolo Machiavelli as expressed in his The Prince (early 1500s)?3. What necessitated the Inquisition in the mind of the Catholic Church and what were/are its ramifications?4. Why was the slave trade of limited duration in the initial triangular trade routes set up by the European explorers in the 1500s and what were the consequences of its fairly rapid demise?

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