Success Scholarship Eligibility Application To determine your eligibility for the Success Scholarship, you must be a transfer student having earned a minimum of 20 quarter credit hours (13 semester hours) of college credit at a regionally or nationally accredited institution other than Kaplan University, have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average (CGPA), and be enrolled in an associates, bachelors, or advanced start program. Please provide the following information: March 28, 2013 ApplicAtion DAtE: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ LeAnn Papineau ADmiSSionS ADviSor: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jesse Warren StuDEnt nAmE: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1471 lASt 4 DigitS of SSn: ___________________________________________ cvuE StuDEnt numBEr: ___________________________________ Information Technology progrAm: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ April, 17 2013 StArt DAtE: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ School(S) from which you EArnED your prior collEgE crEDitS: Georgia Highlands Community College ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cartersville Georgia city: ______________________________________________________ StAtE: ______________________________________________________ 2.08 cumulAtivE gpA of your prior collEgE crEDitS: __________________________________________________________________________ (2.5 or above is required) 34 hours totAl crEDitS if known:__________________________________________________________________________________________________ (minimum of 13 semester/20 quarter) Please email

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