Food, Sex, Love in Like Water for Chocolate

Have you ever experienced that euphoric sensation after eating an absolutely delicious You are not Many have experienced this feeling and refer to it as a These types of connections between food and sex have long been but from where do they Do we make these connections through our cultural experiences or are they biologically programmed within In Like Water for the Laura portrays sex and food as being connected in a cultural The basis for this conclusion rests largely in her use of tradition and her depiction of a Latino family strongly based in their This cultural paired with the interactions between and gives the reader plenty of evidence to support this Esquivel uses the and serving of food as a connection to love and and as humans we have through to make this Structured in twelve each representing a month of the Esquivel has created an entrancing love story that is sprinkled with culinary enchantments around every Each chapter is prefaced with a recipe that is relevant to the progression of the not to mention the many cooking thrown in throughout each The preparation of food is clearly very important to the culture being the main character and

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