For decades, the situation in Palestine has been

For decades, the situation in Palestine has been promoted as an “Arab” issue, or a “Palestinian” issue, and Muslims have, by and large, gone along with this charade. Such a belief gas proven fatal as the Zionists have succeeded in further dividing the opposition to their occupation of Palesine, with the inevitable weaknesses that implies. And yet, paradoxiically, with the latest “peace treaties”, between themselves and Jordan, and with the Palestinians of Yasser Arafat’s Palestine National Authority (sic), the Zionists have brought into the open what should have been obvious all along. Palestine is an Islamic Issue, and Muslims all over the world have a duty to care about what is going on. Failure to do so, to dismiss it as yet another nationalistic or regionl flash point best left alone, is tantamount to surrendering the land of Al-Isra wal Mi’raj to Zionist control. Why? Consider the evidence. Who are now promoted as the demons of the case, the “enemies of peace” as they have been dubbed by the world’s politicians and media? The Muslims. Under whose rule did peace actually exist in the Holy land, with Muslims, Christians and Jews alike sharing the land in harmony? The Muslims’. Who are persecuted mercilessly by those self-same “peace-loving” regimes? The Muslims! How much more evidence do we need before we wake up to what is really happening? We have heard how King Hussein of Jordan has been “guaranteed his right” to be the guardian of Al-Aqsa, usurping Arafat’s tenuous and preposterous claim to that honour. And yet what sort of guardian allows his ward to be occupied and desecrated by hostile forces? Politics is a dirty business, especially in the international arena. It is one of the worst-kept secrets that King Hussein has been a regular visitor to Israel over the years for talks with the Israeli government. He has also met Israeli leaders in London and other world capitals on many occasions. It would be interesting to know, ther…

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