Forced Sterilization

Forced SterilizationOrder Descriptionessay requires a thesis statement.Cite sources using APA formt.3. In 1932, first-wave feminist Emily Murphy argued for forced sterilization as a ?salve? to the ?human wreckage which has been dumped from foreign lands.? Describe how Murphy?s reference to ?human wreckage? relates to both the eugenics movement and the racist immigration policies of the past. Does this idea of ?human wreckage? continue to exist in Canadian society and law or does it belong to the past? In your response, you should refer to eugenics, forced sterilization, birth control, and at least two (past or present) examples of immigration law. . And can you get this from the following readings1. A.J. Withers, Constructing Difference, Constructing Deviance: The Eugenic Model.2.Estair Van Wagner, Equal Choice, Equal Benefit: Gendered Disability and the Regulation of Assisted Human Reproduction in Canada.3. The Sterilization of Leilani Muir (Canada, 1996)

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