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At the present day the educational system of upper secondary school resembles major parts of the already established system. The system compels students to study subjects considered important by the government. I highly disagree with the current school-system because of several reasons. I support the vision of students having themselves to choose their own courses. First of all I believe the working climate in general will be remarkably better as a result of the fact that the students most likely choose subjects they are really interested in. Thanks to that the students will be more active andFormal Writing ? Students should have complete freedom to choose their own courses! focused during lectures. They will work harder and be more prone to do their homework.They will study adequately and they will acquire knowledge more easily and knowledge will persist longer. Furthermore when the students learn to appreciate studying they will put more effort into studies which will result in preferable possibilities of achieving favored marks which is satisfactory toward the students likewise their teachers. With own experience on hand if a student is constrained to study plenty of subjects which he or she is not even interested in it will just make him/her feel tired and stressed. In many cases this leads to avoiding certain courses the students have no interest in sometimes even giving up on school. Secondly since it is only the students who know what they are really good at it seems fair that they should be given more freedom to choose their own courses. In fact it is very important for the students to choose their own subjects without reserve because they are the only ones who know what they are interested in what they prefer and what they need. That is the main reason why they will pay more attention to the subjects which they are concerned about they will work more by themselves and search for necessary information that relates to the course and potential future job. On the other hand I understand that some people believe schools should push the students to study for all-round development. The students can discover their interest through different subjects and also realise their full capabilities in areas they would never even come to think of. Of course there would still be some negative side-effects of selecting courses freely like in cases when teachers are known to give good grades for less challenging courses. On the contrary there is always a different side and I find it essential for the school to guide the students among the most fundamental subjects. In conclusion I find it important that students in upper secondary school should have the opportunity to choose their own courses. The students are sufficiently mature to know what is best for themselves if they obtain a limited assistance with selecting subjects and planning they will have only good in return. Teachers should of course be strict and put some pressure on the students so they eventually start studying when they are supposed to. Obviously it is important to be all-round tutored for the future but I would say that it is better to concern about things that is going to be really useful in the future instead of learning about useless subjects. The question is: Would it not be better if all students in upper secondary school and above had the complete freedom to choose their own subjects?”

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