Forming a strategic alliance

Forming a strategic alliancePaper instructions:Instructions are below. Trying to find 2 companies to put together to form a strategic alliance. Need easy ideas, does not have to be deep ideas. Something simple. This is a Community College class, so keep it simple. Please message me your ideas before I choose you to write this paper. My decision for choosing a writer will be based on writers feedback and idea for the paper.General Guidelines for:Justification and Recommendation ReportsJustification/recommendation reports are written to justify or recommend something, such as buying equipment, changing a procedure, hiring an employee, consolidating departments, reorganizing an organization or department, and so forth.?Describe and establish credibility for the opportunity / problem that your recommendation addresses.?Discuss alternative solutions.?Present most promising alternatives last.?Show how the advantages of your recommendation outweigh its disadvantages.?Summarize your recommendation and any action required.DiscussionThe discussion section is a very important part of your report and presents an interpretation of your results. Typically, you might include:?support (or otherwise) that the results provide for the hypotheses?factors which may have influenced your results,?implications of the results.ConclusionThe conclusion is a summary of your study ? its overall purpose, the steps in the process, its overall findings. This should lead to the recommendations, if your report requires these.RecommendationsIf the purpose of the report is to suggest actions that should be taken, these recommendations should be listed here, usually numbered in a logical sequence.Executive summary/abstractThe executive summary/abstract is a half to one page summary of the entire report outlining:?the purpose of the report (what is your objective)?the scope or breadth of the investigation?the major findings?the main conclusions?the major recommendations.Title: Strategic AlliancesChoose a company that makes great products?something you really like, whether it is designer handbags, electronics, the tastiest ice cream flavors, the best jeans, or anything else. Now come up with a partner for your firm that you think would make a terrific strategic alliance, Write plan for your alliance, explaining why you made the choice, what you want the two firms to accomplish, and why you think the alliance will be successful.1.Discuss your own view. What companies/products would benefit from a strategic alliance? How would it work? If so, under what circumstances? If not, why or why not?2.Research online, investigating different products and companies ? how would the alliance work from a product and marketing perspective, what are the benefits each each would gain?3.Based on your research and knowledge of consumer behavior, what steps do you think news marketers might take to propose and execute such an alliance?Note: the questions above are provided to stimulate your thinking and are not to be answered in a question and answer format. The concepts/issues embodied within then should be incorporated into your analysis and response of the concepts and issues.!

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