Frederic Chopin and Polonaises

Frederic Chopin and PolonaisesProject descriptionFormat: 1000 words in doc.or docx. format.12 point times new roman. double-spaced, typed, and a seperate cover page (student?s name) with a titleWork Cited page with three or more credible sources(no wikipedia!)It must focus on the composer and his works within the genre!Compare and Contrast two works found within the Frederic Chopins polonaises, and discuss the background/context of the works by using stylistic music elements andinstrumentation such as melody, tempo..ect.The essay is not a report or a biography of the composer!Paper should have introductions and conclusionsUnderline or italicize major works such as albums or operas. smaller works such as songs put in quotation marks.Support opinions and number the pages!

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