Garbage threat to Lake Qaraoun and Litani Dumpin

Garbage threat to Lake Qaraoun and Litani Dumping garbage in Lake Qaraoun in the Bekaa is an environmental threat which should be remedied before it turns into a disaster, said Nasser Nasrallah, head of the Litani River Authority. After touring the lakes banks, where the garbage is being dumped, Nasrallah appealed to officials to combat such illegal waste disposal. We have a serious environmental problem, Nasrallah said. If the situation doesnt change, we risk losing the water coming from one of our main sources, the Litani River. He urged officials at the Health and Environment Ministries and at the Council for Development and Reconstruction to address the environmental troubles of the Bekaa. Efforts should be made to implement a grand strategic plan in the Bekaa to get rid of the sewage and trash produced by factories and gas stations, he said. Starting in October, Nasrallah announced, his department will implement in collaboration with the Environment Ministry a plan which will stop environmental violations at the lake. We cannot tell people now to stop throwing their trash in the lake, he said. We have to secure other dumps before taking such measures….

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