Genetic Engineering Awareness Week What are you

Genetic Engineering Awareness Week What are you Eating? Campaign for Food Safety and Awareness General Education Honors Project Project Proposal March 31, 2000 Table of Contents Introduction___________________________________________________________ 3 The Project___________________________________________________________ 3 Significance___________________________________________________________ 4 Evaluation____________________________________________________________ 5 Team Budget__________________________________________________________ 6 Bibliography___________________________________________________________ 7 Supplemental Bibliography_______________________________________________ 8 Team Signatures_______________________________________________________ 9 The technological changes and innovations during the last 20 years have created a remarkable array of new creations. All living organisms are compromised of a substance called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which contains genes that are the blueprint for that organism. Scientists discovered that DNA was interchangeable between organisms and created new breeding methods such as crossbreeding, gene injection, and DNA modification techniques. This allowed scientists to take desirable traits from one organism and give that characteristic to another. A genetically engineered product is one that was developed by modifying DNA. ( There has been an increase in generically engineered crops over the years and they continue to rise. In 1996, 4 million acres of land worldwide were planted with these crops versus having 98 million acres with genetically engineered crops in 1999 (Frankmore, p.A-38). In 1998, 77% of the worlds genetically engineered crops were produced in the United States (Batie, 1999). Currently the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require the labeling of genetically engineered products…

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