George Liscomb as an effective communicator

George Liscomb as an effective communicatorProject descriptionCase: (check for the help you need)ion:1.5 pages Planning log:1.5 pages (without question) No citationDiscuss (check for the help you need)ion:What is the central problem in this case?Do you think L.A. Silks should take this opportunity to do business in China?As you review the details of this case, what events do you think might be attributable to cultural misunderstanding?What is ?guanxi? and how might it be a factor in this current situation?How would you rate George Liscomb as an effective communicator? Gui Fen? In what ways do you think these two understand or misunderstand each other?Review the correspondence between Liscomb and Gui Fen. Do you see differences in the way the two approach business communications and/or business in general?As you read more about communicating with the Chinese and doing business in China, does this information alter your opinion about this case? If so, in what ways?What do you think will be some of the challenges in now writing to Gui Fen? What are the challenges of writing to Helen Martin?What do you think would be an effective strategy for each of these memos?Comment on what you learned from your planning log that you think is important to drafting the first letter to Gui Fen. s

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