Glanbia’s Internal and External Environment

The Organisational Domain and The External Environment An domain is its chosen environmental field of It is the territory that the organisation stakes out for itself with regard to services and markets This is also strongly affected by the external The external environment incorporates all the elements that exist outside the boundary of the organisation and have the potential to affect all or part of the Task The task environment includes external sectors with which the organisation interacts with directly and that have a direct impact on the capability to accomplish its Some of these sectors Industry This sector comprises all of the competitors and related as well as taking into account the own competitiveness and the industry size in which it Glanbia has three key which Arla Groupe Danone and Kerry Group Arla Foods is largest dairy producer and supplies milk and cheese products to markets across the Asia and the Groupe Danone is a global leader in cultured dairy including yoghurt and dairy and supplies dozens of regional brands Kerry Group is one of the largest food companies in It offers some products globally including fruit dairy products and These three competitors are all continually expanding their product

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