global management

global managementReport requirements The group report comprises 50% of your Total Module Mark. Your report will be marked both on the structure and format of your report and on the findings. Marks will be determined by your ability to: ? understand and interpret the question ? apply information and lessons learnt during the semester ? research information and use it to answer the questions, ideally your sources will be post 2006 ? express information and arguments in a logical and well structured manner ? express your own opinions Higher marks will be given to reports that: ? not only describe but analyse and evaluate the information ? research evidence that is up to date i.e. a statement about ?current? strategy is not from 2003? answers that combine different aspects of the course e.g. linking store performance measurement with employee reward or linking business change with a change in the external business environmentAnswer all of the following questions: 1. Using one of the models below describe the leadership characteristics of John Lewis Managing Director Andy Street, remember to support your answer with evidence: a. Servant b. Transformational c. Charismatic d. Authentic e. Authoritarian f. Democratic g. Laissez-faire2. Describe the trading performance measures (KPIs) that John Lewis use to measure their annual performance.( ONLY THIS QUESTION PLEASE)3. Describe a change that John Lewis has made to the way that it manages its business e.g. managing people, managing the supply chain, the use of IT for inventory management etc etc. Include in your answer the business reason for making the change and the business benefit it expects to receive.This question is not about changes they have made to products or services that can be purchased by consumers e.g. online shopping, restaurants4. Describe the John Lewis?s organisational structure, relate your findings to one of the following models: a. Functional b. Divisional c. Matrix d. Network5. Last year it was reported that John Lewis were investigating overseas expansion into China. What Political, Economic and Sociocultural factors would it need to consider before making its decision as to whether to open stores in China?:

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