Global Marketing Operations Plan

Global Marketing Operations PlanSelect a specific global market or country, and develop a Global Marketing Operations Plan.The plan will be based on information from primary and public secondary sources, company web sites, as well as professional experiences and insights.Surveys and primary research will be conducted. Topics for consideration are:? Ease of Doing Business? Licensing? Employing workers? Property and assets? Credit and banking? Taxes? Contract enforcement? Trading across borders? Culture? Demographics and psychographics? Market readiness? Liquidation? Infrastructure and technology? Economic conditions? Political-legal1. Students should develop a no less than 12 slide presentation (not counting the title slide or references slide) with approximately four bulletpoints per slide. The presentation should include graphics or pictures that are relevant and will assist the reader in remaining engaged. Three tofive references should be used and cited in APA format. The Notes section of each PPT slide should be used for relevant and applicable data.2. The presentation should have an Introduction Slide describing the main points of the presentation and a Conclusion Slide describing the ?top 3?messages or actions that you want your audience to come away from the presentation remembering

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