Globalisation and the emergence of ?born Globals

Globalisation and the emergence of ?born GlobalsThis assignment is designed to encourage you to explore the latest academic research and thinking within international marketing. It will do this within the context of the key factors in the international marketing environment and how they influence international market selection.The taskYou are to write a 2000 word (excluding references and any tables or diagrams) literature review type article in the style and form to be found in a refereed journal such as International Marketing Review.The situation is:?There is to be a special issue of a refereed journal devoted to the theme of SME Internationalisation. The call for papers invites contribution on topics such as (but not limited to) the impact of uncontrollable factors on SMEs; the SME approach to the selection of markets; the impact of trading groups; BRIC country SME internationalisation; the importance of culture for business to business expansion. ?You must then form your own title and the purpose of your article to make it clear what your paper will cover and aim to achieve.Own title ? Globalisation and the emergence of ?born globalsThe assignment will be marked using a rubric which will be made available to you so you can see what to aim for. The marking criteria in the rubric will cover:? The clarity of the scope and purpose of the paper? The extent to which the paper fulfils its own stated purpose? Evidence of analysis and critical thinking? The range and quality of the sources cited? Referencing? Presentation including grammar, spelling and proofingLearning ObjectivesThe assignment is therefore linked to the following learning objectives:Knowledge and Understandinga) Appreciate the complexity and interconnectivity of the constantly shifting international marketing environment and interpret the consequences for international marketing decisions.b) Critically engage in the ?globalisation? and ?standardisation-adaptation? debates and apply the arguments to a range of international marketing decisions.c) Compare and contrast alternative methods of selecting and entering marketsd) Explore and explain the major organisational issues when a company moves from national to international/global marketingSubject ? specific Skills.f) Integrate theories and frameworks of international marketing with the core principles of marketing and marketing thinking.Key Skillsh) Explain concepts and theories clearly and apply these appropriately to new problems and contextsOrder for your custom written PAPER now!

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