Globalization Impact on Bangladesh Economy

Economy of Bangladesh Economy of Bangladesh Currency Fiscal year Trade organisations Bangladesh Taka 1 July 30 June WCO Statistics GDP GDP growth GDP per capita GDP by sector Inflation billion 1500 Agriculture industry services Population below poverty line Labour force Labour force by occupation Unemployment Main industries million Agriculture industry services jute cotton tea paper light food processing External Exports Export goods billion jute and jute frozen fish and seafood Main export partners Imports Import goods Main import partners Gross External Debt US Germany UK France Netherlands Italy billion machinery and iron and raw crude oil and petroleum India EU Japan Singapore China billion December 2007 Public finances Public Debt Revenues Expenses Economic aid billion 2005 billion billion billion Main data CIA World Fact Book All unless otherwise are in US dollars This view talk Bangladesh has modernized rapidly in recent The economy of Bangladesh is constituted by that of a developing Its per capita income in 2008 was by purchasing power lower than the world average of According to the gradation by the International Monetary Bangladesh ranked as the 48th largest economy in the world in with a gross domestic product of The economy has grown at the rate

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