Go Ask Alice Imagine you are a young teen

Go Ask Alice Imagine you are a young teen in high school. Your best friend is your diary, and your dream in life is to make some real friends and go on a date with the most popular guy in school. Go Ask Alice starts out just like that description. Alice never really had friends and was thought of as an outcast. One day Alice began to try and make some friends by talking to a girl from her school named Jill. Jill was popular, but was looking to meet some new friends. Suddenly, Alice was calling Jill every night. The two quickly became friends, and about a week later Jill had Alice and a few of her other friends over to her house. This was when Alice was first introduced to drugs. Jill passed out Pepsis to everyone and some of the Pepsis had drugs in them. Alice got one with drugs in it, but she didnt know. The whole room started spinning around her and she loved the feeling. At another drug party that her new friend Bill had, she met a girl named Chris, who worked at the local coffee shop. Chris and Alice became best friends. Chris introduced Alice to her boyfriend, Ted, and his best friend, Richie. They were both in college and invited Alice and Chris over to their dorm. Alice really liked Richie and Richie told Alice he really liked her. Richie told Alice that he would only be her boyfriend if she would help him sell drugs to kids in her school. She agreed, and began pushing for him everyday. Her reputation in school went from being a semi-normal kid to a drug dealer. She really thought she was in love with Richie. One day she went to his house with Chris to surprise Ted and Richie. When they opened the door they saw both of their boyfriends kissing each other. Alice slammed the door shut and they ran to Chris car and drove away. Chris and Alice were sitting in a park ashamed of what they had done and they came to realize that they couldnt escape their bad reputations unless they …

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