Governement intervention in Airbus and Boeing

Airbus and Boeing are competitors in the aircraft industry as both of the companies are aircraft Boeing was actually founded in 1916 in Seattle earlier than Airbus and got huge support from US It was a dominant player in the global manufacturing industry in the together with McDonnell Meanwhile Airbus was founded in 1970s by four countries which are Spain and United These countries have supported Airbus from its establishment until now by providing fund through soft loan and These soft loans and subsidies help Airbus in the research and development activities as well as the production of commercial aircrafts which will be sold to the airline companies around the It is found that these supports are very helpful to Airbus in competing with Boeing as it succeed in becoming the number two commercial aircraft Besides by Airbus had captured roughly of the global commercial aircraft This shows that the soft loan and subsidies from EU and the founding countries help Airbus in competing with Boeing for the position of leading commercial aircraft Even though the support was really helping Airbus in strengthening its position in the it is also create an issue of unfair government Boeing the competitor of

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