Grade recieved: B+ Names are removed for securi

Grade recieved: B+ Names are removed for security reasons. Captain Queeg Have you ever been acquainted with a person who makes a lifelong impact? A person who, although the exact opposite you in every aspect, showed you the right path to take? Someone with whom your life would be entirely different having not known them. I have had the honor to have has met such a person. His name is Captain XXXXXX. Captain XXXXXX was a competent, intelligent and dedicated Naval officer who had just taken over command of our ship after the previous captain had been transferred. He was not impressive in stature but, just by the way he comported himself he seemed a whole lot larger. For the first few days, he was to be found everywhere on the ship, asking questions and making suggestions on how things could be done better. As he grew accustomed to the ways the ship was being run, and the crew to his presence, he seemed like a fair and reasonable type of commanding officer. That image was due to fade very quickly in a few weeks. I was the Leading petty officer for the OI division onboard the ship. OI Division consisted of 55 Operations Specialist (OS) who were responsible for gathering, processing, displaying, evaluating and disseminating pertinent tactical data from various sources. These sources included air and surface radars, sonar, electronic warfare and intelligence. Our group had one of the highest stress jobs imaginable especially when at sea for operations because each individual had to accomplish five tasks at one time. My approach to running the division, at the time, was one where I removed the needless items and tried to keep everything light and easy. I figured that since the job and duties were already stressful enough, why add to the anxiety. About one month later, during our first time out to sea with the new captain, he decided to observe how my division did its job at sea. Usually there is not a problem…

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