GRINDING IT OUT: The Making of McDonalds By

GRINDING IT OUT: The Making of McDonalds By Ray Kroc and Robert Anderson Mr. Krog sold paper cups for Lily Tulip Cup company for seventeen years at $35.00 a week and played piano part time to support his wife and children in the early twenties. He was born in Oak Park, Chicago Ill. His father Louis Kroc left school in the eight grade to work for Western Union and steadily but slowly worked his way op the company ladder. His nick name was Danny Daydreamer he like to just sit and think so his mother started calling him Danny Daydreamer even in to High School when he would come home all excited about a scheme hed thought up. He was and has always been a hard worker to him he enjoyed work as much as he did playing baseball (his favorite pastime). While working at his uncle Edmmds Sweets drug store soda fountain in Oak Park-he learned that you can influence people with a smile and enthusiasm and sell them a sundae even if what they had originally came in for was a cup of coffee. He went into the music store business with a couple of his friends that went bust in just a few short months. He sold coffee beans and novelties door-to-door at the beginning of WWI and was confident he could make his was in the world and didnt return to high school after his sophomore your. He joined the Red Cross as an ambulance diver so he could he in the action. And went though training in Connecticut with a fellow everyone thought was a stranger duck because he didnt chase girls on the weekends he stayed in camp and drew pictures-his mane was Walt Disney. The Armistice was signed before he could get over seas and went back to Chicago where his parents talked him into going back to school. But it only lasted one semester. He said he wanted to by out selling and playing the piano for money, and thats what he did. In 1919 everyone making $25.00 to $35.00 per week was doing good and at times he was making more…

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