Growth and development observation analysis paper

Growth and development observation analysis paperProject instructions:needs- title page (growth and development observation analysis)*title overview who,age ,sex, family structure,living arrangments, occupation ect.*Theoretical description of individuals stage of development.*obsevation of individuels physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth and development.*State which developmentaltask are met/unmet; providingevidence based on comparison of observation to theoretical description.*Identify measures to assist or maintain the individuals effort to accomplish age appropriate task.Adheres to APA format, utilizes correct grammer, and has effective writing.3rd person2 references =(TEXTBOOK) Eleventh edition Human Development ISBN 978-0-07337016-3You and Your Attention Deficit Disorder ChildBy: Paul Warren, Jody CapehartThomas Nelson / 1995 / Paperback!

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