Guidelines for Short Term Certificate Courses

1 GUIDELINES FOR SHORT TERM CERTIFICATE COURSES AS PER THE Dated STATE INSTITUTE OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION THE DIRECTOR OF INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION ANDHRA HYDERABAD 2 GUIDELINES FOR SHORT TERM CERTIFICATE COURSES INTRODUCED BY THE STATE INSTITUTE OF VOCATIONAL THE DIRECTOR OF INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION Short Term Vocational Certificate Courses of Three Six months and One year duration are being introduced in the disciplines of Engineering Computer Business Home Science and with the objective of providing training to SSC students or candidates who are interested in acquiring job oriented skills and wish to join the world of to enable them to earn their details at These courses are being introduced as HOW TO APPLY Any Private Institution NGO having good track record in the field of providing training and having required infrastructure can start these Short Term Vocational Courses with the approval from the State Institute of Vocational after they satisfy the norms prescribed Application forms can be obtained from the concerned District Vocational Educational Officers or from the office of the Director of Intermediate Andhra Hyderabad by paying through Demand Draft in favour of Board of Intermediate Andhra Hyderabad or can be down loaded from BIE website under pages At the time

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