Hannah Hoch’s Artish Statement

Hannah Hoch?s Artish StatementProject descriptionSome Further Guidelines for your Research Assignment (due in class November 14): Artist Statement: An artist statement should clearly describe your focus as an artist;it should situate you within a context (ie. influences, movements etc) and should give the reader a detailed but concise sense of the interests that define yourpractice, your aims, your chosen media, and some of the projects you have been involved in. It is written in the first person, because it is a personal statement.Because a main objective of this assignment is for you to communicate how well you understand the practice of the historical artist whose voice you are taking on, Iexpect a good amount of detail that helps to inventively and strongly convey their interests. Here are some examples of contemporary artist statements: ExhibitionProposal An exhibition proposal is just that: a statement that outlines a proposed exhibition of the artist?s work for the reader (often a gallery director/curator, ora funding body such as the Canada Council or the BC Arts Council). The statement is clearly and persuasively written and should contain the following elements: ? adiscussion of the thematic focus of your proposed exhibition, and its relationship to the artist?s overall practice ? a detailed description and discussion of a few ofthe works that will be included in the exhibition ? a description of what the exhibition will look like, ie. how the work will be hung or presented, how the space willfeel, will the exhibition be radical or take some new or inventive format.!

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