Harley – Davidson Inc. Motorcycle Industry

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Industry INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to develop a strategic corporate objective for HarleyDavidson a publicly employee owned manufacturer of heavyweight recreational and commercial military defense and small distributing its products to domestic and international markets targeting all men and women of all INDUSTRY AND COMPETITIVE MARKET The industry under study is the motorcycle industry consisting of five major one American and four Japanese and some European companies BMW of Germany and some other Italian Most companies market their motorcycles and accessories on a worldwide handling international trade through foreign distributors and domestic sales through franchised Industry sales of motorcycles were shrinking in the early l990s because of the recession and the competition from computers and electronic products decreasing discretionary Sales of accessories and parts make up of total retail sales and is a viable area for producers to explore because people want something to differentiate their motorcycles were viewed as a cheap means of By they came to be viewed as a or a luxury This new perception of motorcycles led to the introduction of more expensive models with higher This led to the introduction of consumer one of the fastest growing service areas

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