HATE CRIMES 1. I feel that any time a person

HATE CRIMES 1. I feel that any time a person or group is physically assaulted there is a major problem in existence. That is exactly what a hate crime is, assault towards another person or persons and according to the FBI the number of hate crimes towards authorities increased from 5,852 in 1994 to 8,759 in 1996 (handout). When you start committing crimes against those that are supposed to protect us from these crimes it becomes much more difficult to stop or even contain these crimes. I believe that our society is too focused on the perfect specimen, and that is totally different to everyone. These different views are what causes people to discriminate against others whether it be about sex, race or religion. The range of the crimes has drastically increased lately, spreading to the discrimination of Jews, Hispanics, Pacifists, abortion doctors, the federal government and many more (handout). As long as our society is focused on finding the perfect specimen I don’ believe we will see an end to hate crimes any time in the near future. 2. The Catholic Church says, hatred of the neighbor is a grave sin when one deliberately desires him grave harm (CCC #2203). What this means in laymen term is that we should love our neighbor even if they wrong us. It is not our place to hold grudges against others. If we are harmed by another it is our job to forgive the person and get on with our lives and we should leave it up to God to punish that person for what they have done. Although it may not be the easiest thing in the world Jesus has told us to turn the other cheek and forgive our enemies if this I done we would truly be following the catechisms teaching. 3. This question is kind of a rhetorical one because if we followed the Catholic Churches teaching on any issue it would not be an issue. If we treated all of Gods people with the same respect and love Christ did than we would all be best friends an…

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