Hcs 535 Public Health and Health Care Part I

Public Health and Health Care Multiple Chronic Conditions Binta Ngalla November 2012 Ebony Wardlaw Individual with multiple chronic conditions are largely increasing within the United States Little do most people have an idea how this disease come to plague mankind and the consequences of having the exact combinations of the same Research guideline and disease prevention programs focus on single and scientifically researchers more often set aside persons with multiple chronic conditions having an idea how the combination impact the a host of various types of other may contribute to the costs and quality of care which makes it critical to improve the care for the 1 in 5 Americans with this type of chronic Vogeli This essay will examine and provide more information on how Multiple Chronic Conditions occur in the body and leave an individual helpless within his or her It will also provide a summary of the and the health challenges of multiple chronic conditions and the repercussion of the the care and In the united State alone the number of individuals with a solitary chronic coupled with multiple chronic conditions is high up in In the year or approximately 63 individual in the United State have

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