Health Issue: Obesity and Fast Food Industry

Table of Contents Pages Executive I Literature 4 Impact of obesity issue toward fast food chain Poor brand Decline in 6 Pressure from activist and Increase of legal restriction on business Response of fast food chain toward obesity issue Provide nutrition Provide new food choices and healthier ordering 10 Launch education programme and Obey rules and 12 12 Executive Summary Obesity is a health epidemic that draws attention of the Obesity refers to the accumulation of excess fat on the body that can be specified into different An healthy weight is calculated by using a tool called Body Mass Index Overweight is generally defined when an individual BMI is between and obese is greater than World Trade Organisation expects billion people will be overweight and 700 million will be obese in year The obesity problem is especially a worry trend in United State because of the population is overweight and nearly 30 percent is considered The four major factors that contribute to obesity problem are bad eating lack of metabolism and Obesity is being linked to serious health problems and it is a The brand image of fast food chains has been affected by obesity problem when people start to

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